services to publishers

Services to Publishers

Evega Technologies provides quality services to publishers to handle their day to day work. We have experts to handle both technical and non-technical works for a publisher.

We offer services to publishers that include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Article Processing Application
  • Manuscript Receiving and Processing
  • Author Proof of Manuscripts according to publisher guidelines
  • Creating Galley Proof (PDF), Fulltext and PubReader formats
  • FTP Handling
  • Domains, Hostings, Email Accounts
  • Email Marketing
  • Unsubscribers, Email Bounces, Spam Traps Handling
  • Reviewers Database (~10,00,000 Contacts)
  • Email extracting softwares for various indexing platforms
  • Authors Emails Queries Handling
  • Crossref DOI Deposits Management
  • Journal Quality Management
  • Editors, Reviewers and Authors Management
  • Finance Management
  • Payment Gateways and Transactions Management
  • Data collection regularly to gather authors data from all over the world